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Home Workouts


Homies Ada and Anninia take us through another simple circuit. Woo! Go get it.

45s work : 15s rest, 6 exercises.

Rest a couple minutes after one round, and repeat for 3-5 rounds.

1. Alternating Lunges

2. Tall Plank Foot Tap

3. Lying Bicycles

4. Table Top Bridge

5. Prisoner Squat

6. Kite Jump


Remember, you can pick any exercise that suits you! Feel free to switch around and change up exercises based on your ability/accessibility.

Staying indoors is not an excuse to stay still – keep moving, and be grateful for the ability to sweat 🙂


Join lululemon Ambassador Vriko and the beautiful Swing for Day 4 of our Holiday/Home Sweat! Today is a very simple EMOM set up – “Every Minute on the Minute”.

lululemon Ambassador Kieran also makes a quick cameo 😀


Minute 1: Push Ups x 8-10

Minute 2: Squat Jumps x 10-12

Minute 3: Burpees x 6-8

Repeat for 5 rounds of each, or more if you want !

Feel free to adjust the rep ranges to better suit your ability, and you can add more minutes/movements too 😀


For Day 3 of our Holiday Sweat, lululemon ambassadors Brian & Kieran take on two Tabata workouts.

A Tabata set up is 20s on, 10s off x 8 rounds.

Typically this is done with just one exercise, but for today we’ve selected two exercises to alternate between.

Tabata #1

A1. Squat Jump Twist

A2. Push Up Pulses


Tabata #2

B1. Tall Plank Jacks

B2. Frog Jumps


Feel free to select different exercises if you wish.

Get ready for some heavy breathing and sweat! With minimal rest periods, this gets tough 🙂


Welcome to Day 2 of our Holiday Sweat!

Today’s workout is a simple ladder using two exercises – here I chose a lower body (Movement A) and an upper body exercise (Movement B). Start with 10 reps of Movement A followed by 1 rep of Movement B. Then 9 reps of Movement A and 2 reps of Movement B. Keep going until you reach 1 rep of Movement A and 10 reps of Movement B.
This definitely becomes a lot more challenging as you move along the ladder!

Have fun and good luck 🙂


Welcome to the first day of our Holiday Sweat!

Today’s workout is a very simple and straight-forward circuit. 40 seconds work and 20 seconds rest on each exercise. Work your way through each of the exercises before taking a bigger rest (1-2mins). Repeat 3 – 4 rounds.

Have fun and remember to keep breathing!